YouTube - mbv labs

I've long wanted to get into creating video tutorials and content.

mbv-labs is meant to be the start of that journey; the channel will contain tutorials, but also videos building features/fixing problems/etc for my other side projects, which can contain code but also higher level discussions on indiehacking and building software.

Grafto - Go Boilerplate

After hating on php for a long time I finally took some time out to try it out, more specifically Laravel. Boy was I wrong about php.

Laravel is such a great framework with (almost) everything you need out of the box. But I love writing Go, and I've spend too much time in statically typed languages that going back to dynamically typed languages is a no-go for me.

So, I decided to built my own Laravel inspired version in Go which I've called Grafto. It's more of a boilerplate than a framework, but it's a great starting point for building full-stack web applications in Go.

Aimed at indiehackers wanting to ship products fully in Go.

Uses: Go, templ, tailwindcss, daisyui, alpine.js and htmx.

This Week On Reddit

This is an early stage project meant to analyze which problems various communities on Reddit experience.

By aggregating multiple subreddits into a broader community (e.g. all subreddits related to EVs), identifying posts where the user experience a pain point and analyzing all those as a whole, you can achieve a more accurate understanding of the problems users face. Using this, you can build more relevant products, content etc.